I recently became an e-Resident of Estonia. To do so, I had to apply online, pay €100, go through some identity checks, then visit the Estonian Embassy in London. The nice lady in the basement checked my UK passport, took a digital thumbprint and gave me a box containing my e-Residency card, which looks like a credit card, and a small plastic gizmo which enables me to connect the card to a computer using a USB port.

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In 2013, we stated that the cloud was the most significant advance in computing since the advent of the desktop personal computer. We put our money where our mouth is, by becoming an Amazon Web Servers Technology Partner and migrating all our clients’ hosting to Amazon Web Services (AWS). I also personally invested in shares in Amazon, having recognised the significance of Amazon Web Services about two years before the “experts” on Wall Street.

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Trevor E Hilder

ICT Veteran | Cybernetician | Tech Startup Mentor | Infrastructure Historian

CEO @ Nail Soup Ltd